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Who are we ? 

A little history 

ALORSFAIM is an application created by two young Asians who came to France to continue their studies. Not having the same culinary habits, they missed the cuisine of their country of origin a lot, so they created the application to allow people in the same situation to satisfy their taste buds by grouping on a platform a set of authentic Asian restaurants. 


Some numbers

+ 30 
asian country


Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian specialties, etc.), 

ALORSFAIM is now a platform offering a service allowing customers to order and have them delivered in a few clicks. The delivery of the dishes is done in the Paris region up to 25 km.​​

+ 500 

The application brings together more than five hundred restaurants offering a variety of products such as Bubble Tea, Asian desserts, Asian culinary specialties.Including vegetarian and halal dishes in some restaurants, it also offers restaurants featured in the Michelin guide. Some high-end restaurants are exclusively delivered by ALORSFAIM.

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